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Why see Blue Man Group?

the blue men return!

Now a true phenomenon in the world of entertainment, the Blue Man Group have come a long way since their inception in the late '80s. The drums and bright paint remain but the rest of the show has had several injections of technological trickery, current cultural references and refreshed humor. Oh no, this isn't the show you saw all those years ago - the Blue Man Group is back with brand new show Speechless! Seen live by over 35 million people worldwide, Blue Man Group blends percussive music, vaudeville, art and theater to create a multi-sensory experience unlike anything you've ever seen.

what to expect

All of Blue Man Group's iconic charm including dazzling light shows, gallons of fluorescent paint (the first couple of rows are a splash zone for a reason) and a thunderous dose of drumming, with brand new moments. Expect innovative compositions played on invented instruments, large scale audience participation and much much more.  Oh, and this madness is all built around three blue-painted lovable weirdos. They may be mute but they speak the universal language of amazement!

The creation of friends Matt Goldman, Chris Wink, and Phil Stanton, the Blue Man Group was founded in 1987, and debuted their act Off-Broadway in 1991, receiving rave reviews - and they haven't looked back since.


As well as this tour, Blue Man Group has permanent shows in New York, Chicago, Orlando, Boston, and Las Vegas. That's a lot of blue paint!

Key Information


Suitable for audiences of all ages

Run Time

90 to 105 minutes


Finished Jan 15, 2023


Creators & Writers - Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton & Chris Wink

Scenic Design - Kevin Joseph Roach

Lighting Design - Brian Aldous

Costume Design - Lydia Tanji and Patricia Murphy


Customer reviews

36 reviews, average rating: (1.7 Stars)

Barbara Scheibling

What Fun!

Saw in Chicago. Visually surprising, exciting, fun, sitting too close to stage not wise. :o) It's entertainment of several sorts all bundled into one fun presentation. It plays with the senses and makes it quite an experience! Can't wait to see them again. Enjoy! ... Read more

Lynne Ferguson

Unique and Fantastic

Toronto needs to bring this group back. They were outstanding. Very entertaining. This is the type of show that brings lots of revenue to the city. Toronto OVER-REACTED with this group and it is sad that it is no longer with us. WE MISS YOU 'BLUE MAN GROUP" !!! ... Read more

Tim Carroll

Amazing Time!

I've seen them twice in NY and had one of the best times of my life. Walking out, there wasnt one person who didnt have an amazing time as well. Fun for ALL ages. I'm 34 and ride motorcycles. I'm into extreme sports and things along those lines. So, I'm not entertained easily. Highly recommend Blue Man Group! ... Read more


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